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‘Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.’
Physiotherapy aims to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of individuals through movement and exercise, by utilising the core treatments of education, tailored rehabilitation, manual therapies, and lifestyle promotion.
Physiotherapy is an evidence-based profession and here at JP Physio we are passionate about providing a ‘whole person’ approach to your health and wellbeing. At the core is your involvement in your own care through the use of education, empowerment and participation in treatment planning. Whether your injury or condition is holding you back with your sporting goals, affecting your working life or your aim is to improve your daily activities, we can help you maximise your overall health and wellbeing.
You can benefit from Physiotherapy at any time in your life so contact us to start your journey today.

Massage Therapy

'Massage therapy, known throughout many different cultures for its therapeutic value of lowering both physical and psychological stress.'
It can be beneficial to anyone looking to promote muscular health, whether that is due to an injury or muscular tension caused by stress.
It does not stop at the physiological level; new research is now able to show the beneficial effect of massage on the body’s nervous system and mind, helping to play an important role in an individual’s health and wellbeing.
Benefits of massage therapy include reducing stress and tension (whether it is felt as muscular or mental), helping to improve the quality and pattern of sleep, movement, everyday activity and more. Its effects are not only on the muscular system but also the lymphatic system, nervous system, cardiovascular system and as mentioned above, the mind that can all be positively affected.
Sports massage isn’t just for athletes; it’s a technique that is applied in a specific way to you and your muscle tone to help relieve any issues you may have and maintain healthy muscle tissue. Utilising sports massage is best when in a regular routine as it helps keep muscular tension and imbalances at in check.
To start your relaxation and recovery journey, why not book with us today!

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates; a physiotherapist led Pilates class that is tailored to the individual’s needs!
In comparison to regular Pilates, where the group are expected to be of a very similar standard, Clinical Pilates involves a one-to-one assessment with a physiotherapist to determine your physical health state, highlighting areas that may need further attention and shaping of a Pilates routine to help you to achieve your goals.
Performed in small classes of up to 6 people, our Clinical Pilates classes allows you to enjoy the benefits of social interaction (a well-known component that helps to promote overall well-being), whilst also allowing the physiotherapist to keep a close eye on your performance and progression of your Pilates skill levels.
If you would prefer to perform your Clinical Pilates in a smaller group setting, here at JP Physio we are able to offer one-to-one or one-to-two sessions for that more personal touch in order for you to maximise your contact time with your physiotherapist.
Our instructors are APPI Matwork Level 2 qualified, with comprehensive experience in the delivery of Clinical Pilates, and would love to take you on your Clinical Pilates journey today, so why not call and book yourself in!


Yoga; an ancient form of exercise that encompasses a mix of strength, flexibility and breathing to help boost physical and mental well-being.
Initially formed over 5000 years ago in India, the practice of Yoga has been adapted over time to the current form we see today. Yoga has many different versions, however at JP Physio we utilise Vinyasa Flow, provided by the lovely ‘Emily Charlotte Yoga’; suitable for all levels, from the beginner through to the most experienced individual.
Vinyasa Flow is a class based practice, in which your teacher helps you ‘flow’ between movements and poses. This allows for the feelings of a great workout, as well as a beneficial yoga experience! Your teacher will help guide you through your poses, adapting every move to suit your experience or ability, all free of judgement.
Our classes at JP Physio are purposely kept to small numbers to allow you to enjoy the time, space and light within our studio area, whilst also allowing your teacher to be able to focus on your techniques and provide appropriate feedback to help you progress through your Yoga journey.
Strength, balance and flexibility are not prerequisites of being able to perform Yoga; they are the beneficial outcomes of Yoga. So don’t worry if you think Yoga ‘isn’t for you’; Yoga is for everyone!